Thursday, December 30, 2010

Putting the New Year in Perspective

As I tried to get a Top Ten list ready for the New Year I could not find the motivation. We have had some moments that make great stories but as a whole they amount to… angry politics, lying husbands and corporate greed.  Nothing new for a new year.  

While I love the Chilean miner story, I haven’t lost sight of the fact they almost died because of the disregard mining has for labor.  Sandra Bullock would have preferred an honest husband and the Tea Party success of 2010 seems to be foreshadowing of our country losing the freedoms we have gained in the last 30 years.  I was falling into a horribly cynical mood.

I turned on the television and saw Ben Jealous announcing the release of the Scott sisters who were doing life sentences for an $11 robbery.  In part because our community raised its voice, these women will celebrate the New Year with their family after being imprisoned for 16 years. This New Year is going to be one of the greatest of their lives.  

I found my voice in their story.  I found perspective on a new year.  Yes, it is just another year, but it can be one of freedom if we work for it.

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